Use case

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Why it's important?

For organizations that take security seriously, complying with industry standards such as SOC, ISO 270001, or PCI is now a basic requirement.

However, ensuring compliance can often entail the implementation of new manual processes and checklists, which can be burdensome for team members to follow and document. As a result, achieving compliance may require significant retraining, which can impact time and budget constraints.

The problem

  • Many employees consider cybersecurity training to be a dull task, as most current programs lack engagement, practicality, and relevance to their daily tasks.
  • Adapting cybersecurity programs to employee seniority within an organization can be challenging.
  • Keeping track of all employee-related activities, such as third-party app permissions, completed trainings, and data access, can be time-consuming.

elba solution

Elba will define your cyber policy to list all your security and compliance requirements. Then, Elba will train your teams on it. In the meantime, Elba will streamline your vendor and access reviews. Ultimately, Elba will integrate with your favorite compliance software, such as Vanta, and drastically reduce the time it takes to achieve compliance.

Create your company cyber policy in minutes

Train your team with compliance dedicated training

Streamline compliance vendor management