Empower your employees, protect your company

Elba has got your company's human cyber risk covered so you can get back to doing your job to the fullest.
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Lay out a secure organization for your team.

Setting up a cybersecurity framework for your team is hard: compliance is getting tighter and cyberthreats are constantly evolving. Elba's policy generator automates the creation and distribution of a fully customized and compliant cyberpolicy - in just one click.

A security awareness program built for engagement.

80% of cyberattacks are caused by human error. And that's no surprise when security awareness programs are seen as boring chores. That's why we created an engaging and gamified experience to turn employees into active participants in the protection of their company.

Automate your operation security workflow.

It's hard to navigate the chaos of security alerts, and it's even harder to effectively communicate them with your team. With Elba, automate your IT security procedures to rapidly remediate and reduce risk, while empowering your team.
Designed to exceed cybersecurity compliance requirements

Elba is the all-in-one cybersecurity tool

to help protect employees against cyber threats.

Begin with generating a tailored cyber policy for your team

That's the Elba magic: only 15 questions to generate an ultra-customized cyberpolicy. Share it with your team in just one click and instantly foster a culture of cybersecurity.

Activate and automate your cybersecurity awareness program

A complete awareness experience that spans from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between. Each month, employees will get dedicated trainings and tailor-made phishing simulations.

Orchestrate and delegate your security incident procedures

Connect to your Gworkspace and put it on steroid with Elba. Streamline your security procedure to reduce risk and save time: as soon as a security vulnerability weakness is detected Elba alerts your users and guides them to mitigate the risk in one click.

Monitor your human cyber risk

Centralize all the human-based data and get actionable insights for your cybersecurity culture, based on data you can trust.

Now, just put your feet up and relax

Elba puts employee cybersecurity on autopilot

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The Elba effect

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We take the security of your sensitive data seriously. Security is embedded into the culture at Elba and is an integral part of how we operate.
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Make cybersecurity effortless, for you and your team.

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