Shadow IT

Eliminate uncontrolled proliferation of SaaS usage to secure your workspace.

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The Shadow IT protection built for modern teams

Map your SaaS ecosystem in seconds

Get a full visibility on which applications is used in your company workspace and assess their risk level at a glance.

Involve your employees to clean unused and risky apps

Make sure your employees only use apps they need and continuously reduce your attack surface

Meet your compliance goals with continuous monitoring of 3rd parties

Effortlessly, scale the app review in your organisation, and drastically improve your compliance process.

Loved by modern security teams

CISO @ Healthtech company
As a CISO it’s hard to know whether my users were right to share this given document or not, or whether they need this particular app in their daily work. Before elba, I had to ask each employee one by one to take actions, which created a lot of frictions. With elba I can secure my organization while saving everyone’s precious time.

Elba is the all-in-one cybersecurity hub

Employee security needs to be reinvented. SaaS security needs to involve end-user and awareness needs to be actionnable.
Meet elba, the 5-in-one cybersecurity hub with no compromises.

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