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Foster a strong cyber-culture in your company to become secure by design.

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The security awareness solution built for modern teams

Secure your employees from their first day at work.

Share your security guidelines at your employee onboarding, when they are the most vulnerable but eager to learn.

Finally, trainings your team will love

From cybersecurity basics to advanced topics, elba covers every security need with our immersive courses

Export your results for compliance and security questionnaires

Get a shareable audit trail from your security awareness program to meet your compliance requirements

Loved by modern security teams

Elba is the all-in-one cybersecurity hub

Employee security needs to be reinvented. SaaS security needs to involve end-user and awareness needs to be actionnable.
Meet elba, the 5-in-one cybersecurity hub with no compromises.

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Onboardings & trainings