Why it's important?

We now use so many apps, with so many passwords, that phishing attempts are relentless and have become insufferable, putting a burden on our daily work. In addition, phishing emails get more and more sophisticated, using all the information we display online, and are adapted to each job function.

Employees education on phishing has become a main security challenge for organisation since no anti-spam filters are 100% accurate.

Successful phishing attempts account for more than 80% of cyberattacks, and phishing emails have seen a dramatic increase of 600% in the last two years.

Core Problems

Phishing attacks might have a very important impact since it could:

Employees need to be provided with the best practices from day one, because that’s when they are the most vulnerable; but it has to be pursued in the long term to stay up to date with recent hackers’ methods, and maintain security skills.

elba solution

Select your software and elba does the rest: on a regular basis, elba sends your users ultra customized phishing scenarios and let you track their improvement as weeks go by, while educating your employee when they failed with dedicated training content.


Evaluate your employees’
level of knowledge


One-time setup, receive automated and tailor-made scenarios for each department


Measure employee progress and meet your compliance goals

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Cybersecurity done
the right way

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