Why it's important?

Most of cyberattacks first target employees. But can we blame them? Whether it’s downloading a compromised file, clicking on a phishing link, using a weak password… they have many opportunities to make mistakes.

But no security system can replace them to secure your company. They are your first responders and need to be provided with all the security best practices to keep your organization protected.

The problem

Employees need to be provided with the best practices from day one, because that’s when they are the most vulnerable; but it has to be pursued in the long term to stay up to date with recent hackers’ methods, and maintain security skills.

elba solution

elba define your cyber policy to list all your security requirements and best practices and elba will educate your teams on it, from onboarding and for their entire journey in your company

Create a unique cyber education experience from day 1


Automate onboarding for employees with regards to your internal cyber guidance


Measure your employees’ progress and meet your compliance goals

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Cybersecurity done
the right way

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