Why it's important?

Modern teams rely heavily on collaboration apps to drive business enablement.

But while they have long been restricted to internal messaging (like Slack) and document creation (e.g. Google Drive), collaboration apps have entered a new era: design teams share wireframes on Figma, product review them on Loom, GTM teams brainstorm on Miro, and all teams gather this information on Notion.

All company data is constantly being exchanged by internal and external users, and it’s here to stay.

Data sharing is a blind spot for IT teams:

It creates lots of challenges for organizations:

elba solution

Whenever a file is accessible with a public link or shared with external users, elba notifies the owner and allows them to change permissions in one click.


At a glance, get full visibility on your vulnerable files


Benefit from your users’ knowledge to detect false positives


Make sure your data is properly secured with no effort

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Cybersecurity done
the right way

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