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01. Prepare

Prepare your teams to face cyber threats

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Setup your security policy and onboard your teams

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Foster a strong cyberculture with engaging trainings you can automate

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Help your teams defeat phishing attacks with custom simulations

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Set up your security policy and onboard your teams

Foster a strong cyberculture with engaging training you can automate

Help your teams fight phishing attacks with custom simulations

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02. Scan

Reveal your users’ issues across your Google Workspace apps

Scan your workspace
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Integrate Google Workspace... in seconds

Perform continuous monitoring and get a holistic view of your security issues

03. Fix

Automatically fix issues
with your team

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Notify your teams when security issues arise

Slack notification about a potential security issue detected by elba

Empower end-users with self-remediation procedures

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Resolve incidents at scale, effortlessly

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Concretely, elba helps you...

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Save time

It's hard to navigate the chaos of security alerts, and it's even harder to effectively communicate them with your team. elba helps you find issues, and fix them. Automate your remediation with elba in minutes and save hours of productivity every week.
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Gain visibility and reduce cyber threats

What is the state of my Gdrive? How many documents are shared? How many 3rd-parties apps are installed? The more software we use, the more questions like these we get. elba analyzes your entire Google Workspace in minutes, effortlessly. Get actionable insights for your cybersecurity, based on data you can trust.
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Engage users

Let’s face it, security awareness programs are viewed as boring. That’s why we built ours to be engaging and fun. elba helps you foster a strong security culture and turns your employees into active players in protecting their company.
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Leverage your Google Workspace

With our plug-and-play setup, connect your applications in a few clicks, with no agents or software to deploy. elba delivers your results straight away by leveraging your Google Workspace’s security features.
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Cybersecurity done the right way

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